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Which is Better, S.M Or JYP?

One question that has a lot of fans asking themselves is which is better, S.M. or JYP? While both groups have their own distinctive styles, some differences do exist between the two. Here is a quick comparison of the two. As you can see, S.M. tends to be more focused on visuals, while JYP is more likely to put emphasis on talent and outlook.

Both companies have tried to take advantage of their global exposure. In the past, they have created limited-edition albums and released them only for 10 days. By doing this, they are able to create a sense of anticipation in their fans, which can increase their desire to follow the artists. Meanwhile, JYP’s latest global audition project, the Nizi Project, is a unique and exciting way to discover new talent.

Both groups have their pros and cons when it comes to rapping. SM’s members are generally better rappers than JYP’s, but JYP rappers tend to be slower. However, some JYP rappers are talented, so it’s hard to say that SM will ever catch up to JYP in the rap game. However, SM might beat JYP in the near future.

SM is known for their knifelike choreography, but JYP has better synchronization. This may be because SM idols can perform at high pitches, while JYP members tend to make their songs sound cheesy. Nevertheless, both groups have some good vocals. So, which is better, S.M. or JYP? Let’s find out!

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