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What are the Common Personal Health Care Services Offered in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is full of health care services and facilities, which give the city a central position in the medical field in Pennsylvania. If you live or work in Philadelphia, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find quality health care for your loved ones.

Personal health care services might become essential for the everyday lives of older and disabled adults. These services enhance the health of such individuals by providing help in sustaining and repairing their bodies after any illness or disease and maintaining a regular lifestyle. That’s why common personal health care services are so important for certain individuals. You can easily have a glance at different types of services provided by home health agencies by checking their website.

For now, let us look into the most common services provided by these agencies.

  • Dementia care

Persons with dementia are at a high risk of developing serious health issues. These persons need constant medical attention to prevent complications and ensure a regular lifestyle. One of the most common services provided by these agencies is dementia care, which supports and maintains the safety of elderly patients.

  • Behavioral support

This type of service helps individuals with behavioral disorders, such as dementia and autism. Besides, it provides assistance in regaining a normal lifestyle for those patients. You can talk to a home health care provider and discuss your concerns regarding this matter.

  • Companion care

Companion care is a common service provided to elderly and disabled individuals who don’t have the capacity to take care of themselves. This service provides assistance in daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, and eating. 

  • Home support

This service is the most extensive type of personal health care service. It gives individuals who live alone a chance to find quality care that might help them sustain a regular lifestyle. Such services take place in the client’s home, so they don’t have to visit any health care facility or agency.

  • Pediatric school care

This service provides help to school children with any type of physical or mental disability. Caregivers assist in maintaining their safety and well-being, by attending a child to a school facility and back home again.

  • Medication management service

This service helps elderly and disabled individuals find the right medication for their condition. This can be done by consulting with a physician and caregiver, as well as reviewing the patient’s medical record and recommending any possible changes or add-ons to the prescription.

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