Two-Way Radios: How Are They Essential?

Australia, the continent country also known as the Land Down Under, was heavily struck by the COVID-19 outbreak. As of August 2022, more than 9.7 million people contracted the disease, and about 12,700 deaths have been reported. Known for its ferocious wild animals, the Kangaroo Country is thus still suffering the after-waves of the deadly pandemic.

Given that custodians have continued to show up for work at hospitals, schools, and corporate buildings despite the COVID-19 outbreak, it is safe to say that this event will be remembered as a turning point for the professional cleaning sector. And cleaning teams are in high demand as the country fights the virus. As such, the CB radio in Australia is one tool professionals can use to reduce these dangers. Two-way radios not only keep cleaning staff safer but can also speed up and streamline operations. Besides, they are just as important to many commercial cleaning businesses as mops, buckets, and brooms.


Any professional cleaning service or custodial company’s top priority is safety. Meanwhile, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015, cleaners and custodians experienced an average of 50,000 injuries that forced them to miss work. What’s more shocking is that the business is among the 20 riskiest jobs, including logging, professional fishing, and roofing.

Slips, trips, and falls are just a few of the cleaning-related injuries that can occur. But a CB radio in Australia is a valuable tool for someone who frequently works in an isolated or remote location, as do caretakers. They can offer quick and dependable communication, in contrast to cell phones, which might not be able to receive or send a signal and can be challenging to use in an emergency.

For instance, on the top of the majority of professional-grade two-way radios has a programmed emergency alert button. Workers can press the button to instantly warn either the entire network or a specific user during an emergency. As such, the radio that sent the notice will be identified by the signal. This function, which is especially useful in the current climate of the highly contagious coronavirus, enables two-way radio users to speak with each other while preserving distance between them instantaneously.


In any facility situation, a CB radio is a helpful tool for increasing productivity. So, consider a cleaning staff sent to a big, multi-story office building. On the seventh level, one employee can run into a situation that calls for guidance from a superior or a second perspective. And with a professional-grade, two-way radio, the employee may immediately alert a team member or supervisor to request the extra assistance required to complete the task. As such, the worker saves time, and the business saves money by not travelling elsewhere to find assistance.


Cleaning operations in Australia are constantly under strain due to profit margins, which forces crew managers to accomplish more with fewer resources and less time. Meanwhile, workers may rapidly interact with other team members using two-way radios, enabling them to finish tasks swiftly and thoroughly.

A cell phone only allows two individuals to speak at once. But with the click of a button, workers can send a request to the entire team for a unique tool or more supplies via two-way radios. Different work groups can communicate on their channels on these radios, keeping communication structured and reducing annoying cross-talk noise. Besides, a CB radio in Australia can be designed to have isolated channels.


Commercial-grade two-way radios, often known as Family Radio Service (FRS) or General Mobile Radio Service radios in Australia, are better to withstand physical abuse than consumer-grade radios (GMRS). Meanwhile, consumer-grade radios have a thin plastic casing and are lightweight. They are designed for infrequent use, such as field trips, caravan road trips, and weekend camping outings.

Cell phones are also brittle and prone to breaking when dropped or submerged in water. However, commercial-grade two-way radios are built with a robust, heavy-duty commercial casing and are intended to be used for several hours daily. Moreover, many are constructed to strict military standards for resistance to shock, vibration, extremely high or low temperatures, dust, and even water. Thus, two-way radios can enhance team productivity and communication, raising customer satisfaction.

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