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The Best Kpop Companies That Treat Their Idols Well

Many K-pop fans are interested in how the company treats their idols. Some of the companies treated their idols poorly, while others took great pains to treat them well. Listed below are some of the best kpop companies that treat their idols well. If you’re considering joining one of these companies, consider these facts first. You’ll find out which companies are the best for you!

First and foremost, keep in mind that K-pop idols began in the late teens. They often have to deal with eating disorders, health problems, and cyberbullying based on appearance. It’s not surprising that this industry has become very demanding of its idols. Some of them even face sexual harassment. To prevent this, they must follow the rules and guidelines of their companies. If the company treats their idols well, they will continue to be successful and grow as a musician.

YG Entertainment is one of the top three Korean entertainment agencies. They’ve produced several successful K-Pop idol groups. They are also known to treat their artists well. However, many netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with how YG treats their artists. Here, they examine some of the most popular K-pop companies and their treatment of their idols. You’ll find some companies that treat their idols well, while others fail miserably.

JYP Entertainment, one of the Big 4 Korean entertainment companies, restricts its artists from dating after their debut. This feeds into the parasocial fantasy of their fans and allows them to construct an unrealistic picture of intimacy with their idols. These companies rarely side with the artists in a dating scandal, but when they do, they usually nullify the contract and leave the Korean idol to publicly apologize to their fans.

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