MEE Grading Scale

When evaluating MEE performance, the grading scale varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In many cases, the scale is based on the number of questions and their relative difficulty. This allows for more consistent and fair grading, regardless of the  hubblog form’s complexity. Whether it is a MEE or MPT, the grading scale provides a valuable guide for evaluating exam performance. Read on to learn more about the MEE grading scale.

The MEE consists of six essay-type questions. The answer is scored on a 0-6 scale. In theory, the MPT can yield a raw score of 0-14. In practice, however, the grading scale for MEE and MPT questions is much different. Generally, MEE raw scores are higher than MPT scores. Therefore, the grading scale should be more generous on the harder exams.

Whether a jurisdiction’s grading scale is consistent is a difficult question. In a state like Colorado, for example, the MPT and MEE are equated exams. This means that each examinee’s score on the combined MEE and MPT will be correlated with his/her performance on the MBE. It is also possible that examinee performance will vary between jurisdictions. Therefore, equating written scores to MBE is a great way to ensure consistency.

For a calibration session, graders discuss sample answers,   bloghub247 written by an applicant pool representative of their skills and knowledge. For the current exam, graders receive a set of 15 answers from the applicant pool. Each grader assigns a grade to the first answer, and then discusses the scores assigned to each one until the consensus is reached. After completing the first calibration session, the process is repeated for each of the 15 answers in the set.

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