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Kpop Entertainment Companies That Accept Foreigners

If you’re an aspiring singer or dancer and want to work in the K-pop industry, there are some kpop entertainment companies that accept foreigners. Several of the megastars of the industry have their own labels, and these labels often have open positions for foreigners. In addition to JYP, SM Entertainment is another label that has opened its doors to foreigners. These labels are responsible for launching such megastars as TWICE and Stray Kids.

SM Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop entertainment companies, was founded by Soo-man Lee, the pioneer of the Korean wave. Its subsidiaries, such as the SM Music Company, have grown to include sports agencies and music production companies. In recent years, SM has stepped up its global efforts and has partnered with Alibaba and Tencent to expand into China. With this, SM will be able to reach a wider audience and will focus on culture creation, expansion and exportation. This company is also collaborating with other businesses to take their artists overseas. For example, with the Chinese boy band WayV, SM Entertainment is reaching a global audience with a new venture.

Another of the biggest K-pop entertainment companies that accept foreigners is C9 Entertainment. They operate as a record label and talent agency. Their biggest hit is Good Day, a 10 member girl group, who became famous around the world through a reality show. The group is now also the subject of a reality show, The Unit, with six members of Good Day. In addition, CIX, a five-member boy group, has recently enjoyed great success with their hit song Hello.

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