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How to Change Your Amazon Alexa Search Engine

If you’re an Amazon Alexa user, you may be wondering how to change your search engine for this device. Unfortunately, Amazon does not officially approve Google search on Alexa supported devices, but if you want to use your own favorite search engine, you can do so in the Alexa settings. To change the search engine, simply type “change search engine” into the box on the device and follow the prompts. Once you’ve entered the desired search engine, you can then change it back to Google.

While this might be useful, Alexa search is not a replacement for a human salesperson. Instead of providing a list of product listings, it displays only the top ranked results. This means that if you have several products to choose from, you won’t have to scroll through pages to find the best one. Ultimately, this method of selling is the best way to boost sales. Just be sure to check the Alexa settings before you start promoting your products.

Changing your search engine in Alexa can be difficult. It requires some technical expertise, but can take quite a bit of time. If you don’t feel comfortable with the technical process, don’t worry! There are guides online that can walk you through the process step by step. There are many ways to customize Alexa for your needs. Check out some of these methods:

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