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Four Mistakes a Work Injury Attorney in Ashburn, VA Can Help You Avoid

In Ashburn, Virginia, there are specific rules and regulations that govern workers’ compensation claims. Failing to follow these rules can compromise your ability to seek benefits. To make sure you don’t make mistakes that can ruin your claim, let a work injury attorney in Ashburn VA handle your case. The following are mistakes you can avoid when you have an attorney on your side:

Failing to Report Your Work-Related Injury Promptly

In Ashburn, you must report a workplace injury within thirty days from the date you got injured. You must give your employer written notice of the accident or injury. Your employer may ask you to complete an incident report and give the necessary information to initiate the claim process.  Also, it is important to keep in mind that you should file a claim within two years from the date of the injury. Otherwise, you could lose your right to seek workers’ comp benefits.

Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Care

Workers’ comp benefits are available to treat work-related injuries and help employees recover. If you do not see a doctor after being injured on the job, the workers’ comp insurance company might assume your injury is not serious enough to warrant compensation or that you are not injured at all. By seeing a doctor, your injury will be well-documented. Also, you can protect your health.

Signing Documents Without an Attorney

Before you sign any document, have it reviewed by an attorney first. For instance, when you agree to settle your claim and sign a document, your workers’ compensation claim is closed. Typically, you won’t be able to revisit this claim when you later need more compensation for a worsening condition. So, before you make decisions regarding your claim, consult with an attorney first. 

Not Seeking Legal Advice

Sometimes, a claim settlement is the best option and a skilled lawyer can help determine what a fair settlement is. The insurance provider will try to convince you to settle your claim as quickly as possible with a small compensation. Because of this, they make take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the procedures and laws that govern workers’ comp. If you do not seek legal guidance, you could easily fall into their traps and accept an offer that won’t cover all of the losses that result from your work-related injuries. A competent lawyer will negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurer.  When the company refuses to pay the amount you deserve, your attorney can help you take further legal action. 

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