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Fancy Names For Rooms in a House

Here are a few fancy names for rooms in a house: attic, garret, loft, and cockloft. All of these names are descriptive and have some connection to the rooms’ function. Loft is a synonym for air and sky, and obscure cockloft has a similar meaning. Balcony refers to a loft that opens to a lower room, and balcony derives from the Italian word balcone, which means outside porch.

There are many different kinds of rooms in a house, and these can be useful or decorative depending on their purpose. For example, a bedroom is a room where a child might play, while a living room might serve as the home’s study room. An entry hall or foyer is a room that a guest will enter first. It serves as the transitional room between the outside world and the house itself.

Some houses have a terrace or balcony on the ground floor, referred to as a porch or verandah. Other houses feature a tree house on the ground floor, called a cubby house in Australia and a Wendy house in the United Kingdom. Other house types have a utility room, which may be used for storage or a workshop. While the kitchen and bathroom are more specific in function, living rooms are more general.

Aside from bedrooms, a house also has hallways. Hallways are usually long and thin, and they are used as a way to move from one floor to another. Hallways are also sometimes equipped with a coat rack, a place to keep shoes, and even a closet. Some homes even have a greenhouse, which is attached to the house as a sun room. These are similar to bedrooms, but they are different.

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