Don’ts in live betting game to avoid the loss

One of the biggest no-no’s you can do in any sports betting format is betting against yourself. While this is pretty easy to avoid when you are betting before the slate of games starts, it can be an issue with in-game betting. The situation and story you always hear from people are the same. You’re betting a many types of games at once. You see this unique line that seems so wrong that it’s not even funny. You quickly fire off a bet only to realize 10 minutes later that you just bet against an existing bet that you already had placed going the other direction.

Don’t force “Opportunities”

One of the most significant traits that separate skilled sports bettors and amateurs is their ability not to make a bet. Amateurs who love action have difficulty walking away from a chance to get more money in play. If you think it’s hard to avoid opportunities with traditional sports betting, wait until you get live bets opportunities in your hands. You will have hundreds and thousands of betting opportunities “throwing themselves” at you.

Don’t chase bad bets or losses

Speaking of forcing action, let’s talk about something you should never do. Do not use in-game betting to try and chase your losses or make up for a lousy bet you made on a game. This is a pretty problem downward twisting that you want no part of. It’s possible you could get away with it once or maybe even a couple of times, but it will eventually catch up with you and hurt. In-game betting should be something you only do if you think you’ve found good value on a fresh new bet. The one exclusion, of course, is if you are hedging a previous bet to lock up some profit or minimize your risk.

Don’t bet games you aren’t watching

Remember what the team said is one of your significant advantages over a computer. The fact that you can see all the intangibles and flow going on that a computer isn’t able to recognize. Well, all that goes out the window if you’re not watching the game. You essentially would be in-game betting based solely on stats, numbers, and lines like the computer are. Who do you think will be better at crunching serial numbers, you or the computer? If you ever forget the answer to that question, look at how beautiful and big the buildings house sports books. If you’re going to in-game bet a game, you have to be dedicated to it. This doesn’t mean just watching. You need to be paying attention. You don’t have to be wholly needed-out and taking notes, but you do need to be focused on what is going on. Even if you don’t pick up an edge on the computer, you’ll want to try and pick up an edge on the other bettors that are live bets on the game. If you catch somewhat that they miss, you may be able to jump on an unbelievable line and make a killing.

Doesn’t in-game bet too many games at Once?

The last tip in the “Don’t” category is piggybacked on the previous tip. Doesn’t in-game bet more games than you can keep up with? There’s no way you can rightfully focus on a bunch of games well enough to be firing off value-friendly sports bets. You’ll be missing things and probably won’t even realize it. You recommend placing in as a lot of pre-game bets as you want but sticking to only in-game betting, one game at a time. In our opinion, the absolute most you could do would be two. You’ve heard of people doing three or four at a time, but that seems like too many.

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