Don’t Commit These Blunders While Attending A Wedding 

It’s a big day. You want to look sharp but sophisticated at the same point in time. But picking the perfect attire from a range of wedding suits for men is not an easy task.

If you’re not careful with your choices, your wedding photos can also become a reason to chuckle at (with amusement) in the future.

Certainly, you don’t want that to happen. That’s why you must keep your eyes open to avoid these possible mistakes.

  • No flip-flops or shorts

It’s pretty obvious. Who would even want to pull off a pair of shorts on their wedding day?

But, people have a way of fitting the most incompatible pieces together. So, unless the wedding is beach-themed or casual-wear driven, avoid wearing flip-flops just because you find it cool.

  • No ill-fitted outfits

Wearing anything that wraps over the body isn’t what you call wedding attire. Since no two people are measured the same, it’s crucial that you take your time and get multiple rounds of measurements done before selection.

In addition, if you’re getting a custom-made suit for your wedding, pick the suit makers who take your wedding as seriously as you do.

  • No discomfort allowed

It’s a good thing to aim to look your best on the day of your wedding. However, not everything that becomes a trend will suit your body and your personality. Instead of cringing over an in-vogue double-breasted suit that got made, prefer a piece that ensures ease while performing all the rituals.

  • No randomly-chosen colours

Think about it. What would your spouse want to see on the day of your wedding? A well-thought-out attire or recklessly picked shirt and trousers?

If your choice is the former, be careful with the colours you choose. Pick the hues which compliment your skin tone, eyes, and personality. And, you already know right now which colours will make you look impeccable, don’t you?

  • No falling for ‘you can wear whatever you want.’

It doesn’t matter how close you’re to the would-be husband and wife; wearing about anything shows that you don’t care enough. Since it’s a huge day for people to celebrate love, dreams, and hopes, it’s important that you look presentable to show respect.

  • No mismatched metals

While matching your belt with the shoes, don’t forget to consider the metals in your accessories. Essentially, your cufflinks, studs, and watch should have the same hue.

So, no more wearing the gold watch with silver cufflinks.

Bonus Section

For all those men who can’t decide the style, colour, or even the accessories, here’s a simple list of items your wedding outfit can have:

  • Sleek and relaxed charcoal suit or sophisticated blazer in an out-of-the-box colour
  • Plain white or solid dress shirt
  • Patterned or pitch black tie
  • Carved cufflinks or any other sophisticated men’s jewellery
  • Black or dark brown formal shoes

In a nutshell

That’s all, folks!

Outfit blunders can ruin not only the outlook of the person wearing it but also messes with the overall vibe of the event. With the essential checklist of mistakes committed with wedding suits for men, now you can stay away from fashion fiasco.

The final tip: Keep the wedding guest etiquette and your comfortable style in mind, and you’ll face trouble picking the perfect wedding attire.

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